Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Migraines Suck

This was the worst experience of my life.

Today I had a test at 11 AM. I have taken a lot of tests in my day and I consider myself a good test taker. I usually finish before everybody and I’m left looking around to make sure I didn’t go too fast. Then I wait until somebody else turns in their test so I don’t feel like I went to fast. Today’s test was for my Timber Structures class.

I had studied sufficiently for this particular test and I felt alright going in. I had woken up around 8, taken a shower, and even had breakfast, which for me is a rarity. I wanted to not be rushed, stressed, hungry, thirsty, or anything to hinder my test taking skills. I got to the classroom ten minutes early, sat down, and pulled out my calculator, pencil, and eraser. I was set up for success.

Dr. Bagheri got to the room and handed out the formula packet, which I thumbed through to familiarize myself with it. It looked normal, and I felt that my chances in passing increased with it in my hand.
She then handed out the test, which I promptly wrote my name on, as most people do.

Then it happened. The worst thing that could happen happened. I went blind. Well sort of. It’s called “aura.” Basically I see spots that fill my vision, much like someone gets when they come inside when it’s bright outside, except that it lasts a whole lot longer. I knew I was doomed.

Then I got the pre-migrainal arch. It’s a tingly feeling that starts in my right hand, moves up my arm into my face and then down my left arm and out my left hand. While the spot is in each place, I lose most strength in that area. So, gripping a pencil was next to impossible. Remember I was basically blind at the same time.

The worst part of the aura was that part of the test was reading tables with small tiny numbers. It would have been a breeze if I could just wing it by writing big things, but yeah, no. When the pre-migrainal arch moved to my mouth, my teeth started to chatter, which during a test is not allowed.

When I get a migraine, my body temperature fluctuates like crazy. So I started sweating. And then I was really really cold. Then I was burning up. Then I was freezing.

Somehow, someway, the aura left and I was able to crank through the test. I finished with no time left and was in a real weird state. I went home, spent some time losing weight and slept the day away.

It was the worst experience of my life. 

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