Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Mighty T Rex Kills for a Mid-Afternoon Snack

I need to tackle an extremely important issue today. I find what I saw to be very disturbing and it bothered me enough that I need to let everyone know my views on the subject. It has to do with this bumper sticker I saw yesterday:
There was another bumper sticker on the car that was rainbow colored and said “Gay Pride,” indicating that there are lesbian mothers in this family. Now I don’t care whether or not there’s two moms in that family because they are gay or polygamist or whatever, that’s their own deal. I’m not here to debate whether that is right or wrong.

What I have a problem with is the math. Mom squared is not equal to two moms. When you square a number you do not simply add the number with itself. That would be 2Mom or Mom x 2 or 2(Mom) however you want to write it. When you square a number you multiply that number by itself. I have attached drawings/math proofs for you to better understand this:

“Mom” can be defined as a female parent, just like “dad” can be defined as a male parent. Therefore when you multiply a female parent by itself it becomes a freak with four arms, legs, eyeballs, ears. Kind of like a Siamese twin. So if these moms were trying to say that they’re Siamese twin moms then they said the right thing with this bumper sticker. More drawings are attached for further proof:

Please, lesbian moms that live in the Meadow Ghetto, change your bumper stickers to be mathematically correct.