Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Ol' Road Trip Home

Well, right now I should be writing a "Self-assessment letter" for my final English class tomorrow. Yeah, right. I had this one nagging question today, not from my self, but from others, hence the nagging. It was, what are you plans for your road trip home? Wellll, this is my way of putting down my plans from now, at 12:12 AM on Cinco de Mayo.

Note: Names have been changed to create anonymity. And because I like being sneaky. Maybe you can guess if you are a certain person. Make it a game! I know you will, Isabella!

: After I update all my privileged friends (yes, I am that cocky) on my plans for this coming week, I need to write that stupid English paper. I really can't wait until I'm done with English, I find it very pointless. And my teacher refuses to give me an A on any of my papers. I've gotten a B+ on every single one. Absurd. This is the first time I've ever had a B in any English class I've taken. EVER. F.Y.I. My facial hair itches. I'll probably go shave. Then I should get some sleeps in. At 7:30 AM, I need to be in 300 Leifson Physics to turn in my paper and to write an in class essay on this article, "So What's So Bad About Being So-So?" I've read through it twice, and I hate it. Maybe it was the way my professor read it. Her voice inflected at certain points, like someone nagging me to do the dishes while I'm watching the Rockies win. That's what it felt like. Just saying. After doing that, I will probably go eat some breckfast, cause by then I will definitely be hangry. With that out of the way I will head home to do some work for my father. I have nothing else to do until 6 PM, when I plan on trying sushi for the first time with Jacob, Emma and Olivia. I'm kind of excited. I do have to go celebrate Cinco de Mayo as well by going to my favorite taco bus in all of Reno. It's called Jeovah Es Mi Pastor. Fantastic name. I will more than likely end up hanging out with Ethan, Jayden, Michael, Sophia, Ava and Emily. We'll probably watch a movie at Jayden's as usual.

On Friday, I have a wide open day. Beautiful. At night, I'm going camping with Jacob and Ethan in particular. And Alexander and Madison are going to be there as well. Super stoked. I love to camp.

Saturday's my studying day. I have so much of it to do. Math and Physics. I should have written my Philosophy paper by this point, if I don't do it that day.

Church as usual. And packing. I have a lot of crap. So I better start then. I wouldn't be surprised if Emily nags me into hanging out with her and her friends. Great.

At 9:45 AM I have my calculus final, which if I get a B, I'll pull out a B in the class. Then at 12 PM I have my physics final, which if I get an A, I'll pull out an A in the class. At 5:30 I have to turn in my philosophy paper; I should have an A in that. And with that I'm done with the semester. I am guaranteed to hang with the crew.

I leave Reno. I really hope Molly will meet me in Twin Falls, but you never know. I am excited to have lunch with Logan there. It will be very good to catch up. Then it's on to Rexburg. I'm going to stay with Andrew, Joseph and James. Andrew is particularly funny, we kicked it real well when I was in Sexy Rexy last. That night and on Wednesday, I hope to see in no particular order, Isabelle, Abigail, Ryan, Chloe, Mia, Elizabeth, Christian, and Jackson. Christian and Ryan better believe we're going on a man-date to Ramire's. And Chloe better believe she's going there with me too. Or to the taco bus, I'll take either/or. I'm going to ride horses with or go to the temple with or both with Mia. I'm going to the temple with and/or playing soccer with Elizabeth. Basically, it's going to be eventful.

I'm heading down to Utah, where I'm going to pick up Samuel in Logan, and hopefully see Dylan. Then I'm headed down to the valley where I'll see Nathan for the first time in forever. I'm seriously excited. And I'll hang with John and Dylan and Addison.

I better have breakfast with Alexis. In fact, I should probably text her that. She'll be up at this gaudy hour. Then Samuel and I are headed back to the 3OH!3. Rad Trip. I'm stoked, we're gonna kick it real good. Listen to some good tunes like the National and Wild Sweet Orange among others.

Then the summer officially starts. It's going to be a good one for sure. Climbing the rock every night with Joneses. Rockies games. Etc. It's really weird though, I'm going to miss being in Reno. I never thought I'd say that. Which is a good sign of things to come. Now I go to my paper. I hope you enjoyed this time we spent together. Figure out who you are and you get a special surprise!

"cause you, you're as tameless as the ocean.
i want to love you, but commotion,
oh, it ravages me on the whole.
oh and me, i'm as dramatic as the thunder,
my lightening scares as she rolls over
oh yeah, she needs to get some sleep."
-wild sweet orange - Aretha's Gold -


Anonymous said...

i'm not in this you bitch.

Corina said...

If you need anywhere to stay or do your laundry or you want some free food while you're in "the valley" let me know.