Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Holy Writ

Today, I would like to talk to you about something holy.

“A man cannot own too many hats.” – Ted 3:4

These are my hats:

 All stacked up on my shelf in my room.

This is the hat for my favorite team, the Avalanche. I like the dark red. I take good care of it, because it looks real classy (unlike their play of late).

My parents bought me this Avalanche hat for christmas one year. I don’t like the low profile because I have a large head. Because of that, it is in good shape.

This hat was a Christmas present from someone really cool. It’s the Astros current home hat.

This, even though it looks the same as the previous hat, is a throwback Astros hat. I bought this in Florida, and it has a slight crook to the left side when I wear it. It’s a little dirty.

This is another throwback Astros hat. I bought this one in San Francisco with my mom. I had been looking for this one for years, and happened upon it in a random shop. I grew up with the navy and gold Astros uniforms. I like the gold a lot.

This is the first Astros hat I owned and it is very beat up. That’s what happens sometimes.

My parents bought me this Astros batting practice cap for Christmas one year.

This is the first Rockies hat I owned. It is 7 5/8, and a little tight. It usually gives me a headache when I wear it.

So I got this same hat, a 7 ¾. It is looser and doesn’t give me a headache. I would say this is my most worn hat.

This is the first piece of gear I had for Nevada. My grandparents sent me it when I got accepted into the University of Nevada. They were way excited for me to become a part of the Pack.

This is a hat I got at an Aces’ game. I like the old wolf logo.

I bought this hat in Camden Yards before the Orioles switched to this as their everyday hat. It was still a throwback then, and has subtle differences to what they wear now, such as the bird.

And no MLB insignia on the back. I love how this hat looks, especially the white panel, and the stitching along the rim of the front panel.

Sam Burdick bought me this hat, and I love it. Green is my favorite color, and I think the Kelly green and royal blue is a classy combination.

He bought it for me mostly because I had decided that the Johnny Canuck logo is the best in all of sports. Even though they aren’t my favorite team, I wear this hat as often as I can.

My grandpa bought me this hat for my birthday and said, “No Kendall should not have an A’s hat.”

See above.

This was my Christmas present to myself in 2011. Jared had to work on Christmas day, so Dustin and I went snowboarding. I forgot a beanie, and bought this one. It is very warm and way comfortable. When I ride through the trees, branches and needles get stuck in it and I feel cool.

I like wearing this beanie throughout the winter because it is loose and reversible. Two for one type of deal.

I got this beanie for running (aka beating my dad) in the Colder Boulder. It was really cold, and if I ever run when it’s cold, I wear this. But really, I never run in the cold. I kept this as a trophy for smoking my dad.

Needless to say, I need/want more. And I will get more. "A man cannot own too many hats."

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Devon, you crack me up! hahaha.