Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ode To J.

My roommate is pretty neat but would be better if he shut the dang door and spray the febrezey after he poops.

We share music occasionally. You see, he is into hip-hop and I’m more drawn towards modern rock ‘n’ roll, which his pops refers to as “pop.” But we branch out due to each other’s influence. I listen to Watch the Throne, he listens to Daisy.

One time in March I bought him two goldfish at Wal-Mart. He wasn’t expecting it. One of them died. The other is miraculously alive. I’m not saying he is a poor fish keeper. I just have never known of a goldfish that lives for more than a week.

We share some common interests:

  • Baja Blast
  • Baseball
  • Stupid humor
  • Repo Games
  • Obama
  • Room service
  • Sports video games
  • Star Wars
  • Saying brajh

We also don’t share common interests (he loves these things):

  • Nickleback
  • Vegetables on pizza
  • Politics
  • Talking before breakfast
  • The DH
  • Interleague play
  • The Seahawks' uniforms
  • 24
  • Cranking the A/C in the middle of the night

Regardless, I appreciate Mr. Aycock. He is a business major and enjoyed his marketing class last semester. I thought I would apply the principles of marketing and some prime ad space: our front door. Every day for days I posted some guerilla advertising for him. Here goes nothing.

This is the treasure he got. I must say I am a pretty fantastic roommate.

"I'm a mountain that has been moved.
I'm a river that is all dried up.
I'm an ocean nothing floats on.
I'm a sky that nothing wants to fly in.
I'm a sun that doesn't burn hot.
I'm a mouth that doesn't smile.
I'm a word that no one ever wants to say.
I'm a mountain that has been moved.
I'm a fugitive that has no legs to run.
I'm a preacher with no pulpit,
Spewing this sermon that goes on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on."
-Daisy- Brand New

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RenoVandal87 said...

Dick! I hate nickleback and you know this!